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How To Braid Cornrows

How To Braid Cornrows

Cornrows are a traditional way of braiding the hair in Africa. This is easy to maintain and requires only a little bit of oiling of the scalp and careful washing. While they used to be done in straight lines, it is now done with crazy geometric designs and curves. It has become a rage in recent years with rock stars popularizing it too.

Though it looks complicated, it is not as difficult to get it done as it looks and can even be done at home. One can get the hang of it with a little practice. The underhand cornrow can be done by first parting the hair into 2 inch sections. Oil should then be massaged into the scalp and the hair. Butterfly clips come in handy to keep the hair you aren’t working with out of the way. Now take one section and divide it into three equal parts. Pass the left strand under the center strand, keeping it close to the scalp. Next move the right strand under the centre stand.

The next step is important in developing a neat corn row. Add a strand of hair from the same section to the left strand before passing it under the center strand and next add another stand from the other side to the right strand before passing it under the center strand. Keep doing it till you reach the end of the hair. Tie a rubber band to keep it in place.

Care should be taken, as you take new strands into the braid, to keep the partings neat. An alternate way to end the braid is to singe the ends. This can cause damage to your hair hence is usually not advised. If you have really tangled hair, a detangling solution can be used. The cornrows can be left that way for many weeks and for those with unruly hair, this is a wonderful solution. If the braids are done on damp hair, they will tighten on drying which will make them look very well done.

Instead of straight cornrows, if you have a specific pattern in mind, draw it out on a paper and keep it around to remind you which way the partition should go. This will have to be done initially as you part and apply oil. Keeping the braids too tight can give you headaches and you should let the person who is braiding you know that the braids are tight as they do it.

A lot of care should be taken while shampooing. Shampoo can be pressed into the hair and rinsed out by letting a stream of water run through it. A lot of attention should be given to the scalp as well to prevent drying and itching as a result. To get a shine on the braids, sprays can be used or honey mixed in water has the same effect. Though time consuming, it is very popular among young people. It can also be accessorized with beads and shells.

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