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The Most Efficient Way to Eliminate Superfluous Hair

The Most Efficient Way to Eliminate Superfluous Hair

For approximately twenty years, Epilation through laser procedure was experimentally carried out before it became available as a commercial service in the mid of 1990s. Photoepilation otherwise known as phototricholysis is the laser and light based methods, presently marketed and referred to generally as laser hair removal.

The literature of dermatology has provided numerous reviews and studies of hair removal using laser, together with its effectiveness, safety and success in eliminating unwanted hair in the body. Today, hair removal through laser is being practiced worldwide, wherein its efficacy is widely acknowledged in the skincare industry.

If you are thinking about the laser hair removal cost and how the laser works in removing unwanted hair, you must learn about its chief principle, which is the selective photothermolysis (SPTL). The melanin in your skin is the main target matter of laser, wherein it can mirror controlled damage by selectively heating the area of your body that exhibits hair growth, while not burning and injuring the rest of your skin. The dark material in your skin or the chromophore can absorb light with elevated intensity and high speed that leads to the elimination of hair.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Laser hair removal caters to both men and women who want to get rid of unnecessary hair in the body. This procedure is usually done on the underarm, chin, shoulder, lip, ear lobe, abdomen, pubic area, buttock, bikini lines, face, thighs, toes, hands, chest, neck, cleavage, arms and legs. Though, laser works most excellently with patients that have dark hair and light skin, if you have dark skin and dark black hair, the breakthroughs in laser technology have introduced new lasers that specifically accommodate your requirements.

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In 1997, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved hair removal through laser as a “permanent hair reduction” system. This method became extremely popular due to its usefulness and efficiency, but there are some factors that may affect the results of this procedure; one is the laser operator’s skill and experience in maneuvering the equipment and the other one is the accessibility and selection of different laser technology at the clinic where the hair removal will take place. Furthermore, you must be ready to come back for touch-up sessions though you’ve finished the initial set of about three to eight treatments, especially if the process was directed on large areas of your body.

The number of hair reduction sessions that you need to attend to depends on numerous parameters that may include skin color, hair coarseness, gender, and the area of the body to be treated. Since light skin with coarse dark hair is the easiest to treat, darker skin with dark hair may require more sessions before seeing results.

Normally, laser hair removal treatments have intervals of about three to twelve weeks, although the intervals may also depend on your response to the procedure. It is very important that you do not follow an arbitrary schedule; instead you should be patient until you distinguish shedding of the hairs in the treated area.

Prior to undergoing any laser hair reduction methods, you must be sure that the person who will perform the laser procedure on your body is highly skilled. This will prevent you to experience discoloring of dark skin, burning, manifestation of skin problems like acne, hypo-pigmentation, scab forming, purpura and any swelling around your follicles due to medical malpractice.

source : How to Remove Superfluous Hair

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