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Permanent and Temporary Ways to Remove Unnecessary Hairs on the Body

Permanent and Temporary Ways to Remove Unnecessary Hairs on the Body

Hair removal delineates any procedure of removing hair in any part of the human body. Depilation is a method that is used in removing hair present on the surface of the skin, which most common form is known as shaving. Chemical depilatories are hair removal products that function by disintegrating the disulfide bonds that link the chains of protein and provide strength and firmness to the hair.

Depilation only lasts for few hours to several days and can be attained by trimming or shaving either using electric shavers or doing it manually. Chemical depilatories include shaving powders and creams that chemically liquefy and dissolve hair. Another type of depilation is called friction, whereas rough surfaces are utilized in buffing the hair away.

The other method of hair removal is called the Epilation process aimed at completely eliminating hair, together with the parts beneath the skin that’s why this procedure lasts longer. The procedures of Epilation include Epilation devices, sugaring, waxing, threading, lasers and electrolysis. The removal of hair is widely carried out in almost all civilizations for centuries, wherein methods utilized differ among regions and periods.

Plucking is the most traditional type of hair removal that makes use of tweeters or even your fingers. Waxing employs cold or hot layer of wax that is applied on the skin and removed with porous strips, this procedure is quite similar to sugaring that instead of wax uses a sticky paste. Threading on the other hand, draws on twisted thread that seizes hairs rolling across your skin. Epilators or Epilation devices are mechanical tools that hastily clutch hairs by pulling them out. The services that can permanently eliminate hair from specific areas of the body are electrolysis and laser.

Purchasing Hair Removal Products

Hair removal products can also be purchased in the form of prescription oral medications called Enzymes that can prevent the development of the hair cells. This medication can make your hair grow less and less until it ultimately discontinue. But when you decide to grow your hair once again, not using the product will allow the production of new hair cells.

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The areas of the body where hair removal products are used are back, chest, abdomen, eyebrows, armpits, eyelashes, legs, face, pubic area and head. You must be keen in every products of hair removal that you want to use because many of these marketed products are proven to be fraudulent. Some products claim false efficiency, ease of use and even overstate the results.

Though, the hair removal services are abundant and widely available, there are some procedures that have been recommended, marketed and sold for several year without published clinical proofs and studies that they are effective as claimed by the manufacturers. These products are sold as transdermal electrolysis, electric tweezers, photoepilators, transcutaneous hair removal, foods and dietary supplements, non prescription topical preparations like hair retardants, hair inhibitors or hair growth inhibitors and microwaves.

Disadvantages that may come with hair removal procedures include impermanence, medical complication, and very expensive costs. You should keep in mind the laser hair removal cost and that some of these products and services are still in the testing stage and their step by step procedures have not been clinically proven and accepted. Moreover, prior to buying any of these, you should seek an advice from your doctor to get rid of any unwanted results.

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