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Factors that Affect the Costs

Factors that Affect the Costs

Today, laser is not only popular for the treatment of intricate health conditions but is also known in the skin care industry as an effective method for hair removal. Instead of going to the salon to wax unnecessary hair in the body almost every week, people just pay once to receive the long term effect of the laser hair removal. Because there are many kinds of laser treatments, it is vital to learn about the laser hair removal prices, which can provide an idea how much one should save for a single procedure.

Laser means Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiance. The main method that makes the laser works is by using concentrated light beams to inhibit hair growth from its roots without injuring the skin. The laser’s wavelength solely depends on its color and the duration of its penetration on the skin, wherein the longer the wavelength the more it can make contact even with the deepest skin hair.

Hair Removal Price Factors

There are many factors that affect the prices of laser hair removal; basically the foremost element that delineates the cost is the kind of laser system used in the equipment. It is always best to inquire in different clinics, gain knowledge of the experience of their technician and learn about the particular laser procedures they offer, so you can discern if their services are based on the standard prices available in the market. The World Wide Web provides an instant access on all the information you need to have regarding the prices of laser hair removal.

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Presently, the maximum cost of hair removal procedure in the upper lip using laser is about two hundred dollars. Laser hair removal prices for full face-beard session can run up to three hundred to three hundred fifty dollars. Hair removal on the nape or on the chest can cost around three hundred dollars per session. Chin hair removal on the other hand, can go up to one hundred fifty dollars per procedure. Underarm hair removal usually costs two hundred to three hundred dollars while full back hair removal’s price is about one thousand dollars.

The types of laser equipments that you can choose from, which can immensely affect the laser hair removal prices are Ruby laser, Alexandrite laser, Nd:Yag laser, Diode laser and Cool Glide laser. Ruby laser works well with light skin and dark hair but it can only affect small area of the body.

Alexandrite laser is the fastest hair removing equipment that caters to almost all types of skin while Diode laser is effective for tanned and dark skinned individuals. Cool glide on the other hand, encloses a refrigerated tip that can grant cool sensation to its patients while eliminating the hair in the body, the efficacy and comfort this laser can provide its patients make it the most expensive laser today.

When a patient inquires either walk-in or through the telephone, the initial laser hair removal prices that will be given by the physician or his attendant are just estimates, whereas upon consultation, the cost of laser hair removal can change depending on some factors that include hair type, skin color and the number of sessions before the results will become apparent.

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