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The Laser Hair Removal Prices Guide

The Laser Hair Removal Prices Guide

Making our bodies look attractive and beautiful becomes really easier nowadays and I’ll tell you why I have said that. Do you remember the past years when we were spending the whole day in the bathroom struggling with the unwanted hair? The pain of waxing really made us crying but what I can say, we had to do it again and again nearly every 3 weeks. But that was the only way to get rid of the ugly hair.

Now, we have to thank the advancement in laser technology. Scientists have invented a laser machine that can hit the hair follicle by an intense pulsation light beams. So that will damage the hair follicle and inhibit any hair growth in the future. The good thing about is that it is not painful. it doesn’t consume much time; one setting of a treatment takes only 20 to 30 minutes. This method is really the best solution I’ve seen for the unsightly hair.

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The laser hair removal prices are pretty expensive if we do a comparison with other hair removal products, but people our appearance absolutely worth every penny.

The laser hair removal price of full body treatment is nearly $4500, but don’t depend on that. That’s not the exact price of the procedure. If you want the exact price you have to visit a clinic and they will tell you the exact costs after determining the density of hair in your body.

If you want to treat each area individually and I’m not recommend you to do so; here’s the list of prices for each area:

  • Bikini – $350 to $500
  • Back Hair – $600 to $900
  • Lower Legs – $600 to $850
  • Upper Legs – $600 to $850
  • Arms – $350 to $500
  • Chest – $350 to $600
  • Under Arms – $250 to $350
  • Face & Neck – $600 to $900

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