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Why Laser Hair Removal Cost Vary

Why Laser Hair Removal Cost Vary

Laser hair removal is done to forever eliminate unwanted hair from certain parts of the body. It works much like shaving and tweezing, however, the effect is permanent; thus, it is more convenient in the long run. However, laser hair removal cost is no joke. If you do not have extra cash to spend, then this is not the procedure for you.

The laser hair removal cost varies depending on the size of the area where the hair is to be removed – bigger area, consequently, has higher cost than smaller ones. The price may also depend on the complexion of your skin and the texture of your hair; because these two are the criteria in determining how many times you have to go back to your dermatologist for a laser hair removal session. Those who are fair-skinned with dark and coarse hair will probably pay less as laser hair removal works faster for them. This is how you can determine the laser hair removal cost.

The most common area where laser hair removal is done is in the underarm, so it will only make sense if we discuss the laser hair removal cost for that area. Although it is true that the pricing will vary from one person to another, the cost for the entire treatment of underarm laser hair removal is within the range of $500 to $1500 USD. The marketing team of the hair removal company will actually help you decide what package is best for you and your budget. You may haggle to get the price that you want, but do not get your hopes up; this treatment is really costly.

The cost of laser hair removal for other areas of the body, like the legs and the back, usually ranges from $1000 to up to as high as $5000 USD. Again, the price will highly depend on several factors. Contact your local dermatologist or browse the web to compare prices.

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