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The Ideal Candidate for IPL Hair Removal

The Ideal Candidate for IPL Hair Removal

Ever thought about IPL permanent hair removal? IPL is one of the newest technologies applied to hair removal. Intense Pulsed Light is applied on the skin and converted to heat energy. The burnt hair falls and in the damaged follicle no hair can ever regrow. That’s why it’s called permanent hair removal. Although the great majority of people can submit to IPL, and the results say that just in the first session you can reduce your unwanted hair by 30%, there are some factors to consider before submitting to it. These factors make the difference between a complete satisfactory process and poor results. Let’s take a closer look.

The candidate for an IPL hair removal treatment must be in good physical, mental and emotional conditions and understand the benefits, the risks and the characteristics of the IPL treatment. It is important to ask a doctor that can provide information on the treatment and help determine if you’re the right candidate.


One of the most important factors to be a good candidate is he color of the hair. As a general rule, the contrast between the natural color of the hair and the natural color of the skin is the key to effectiveness and general satisfaction. A combination of light skin and dark hair is perfect to obtain good results. Although dark skinned and light haired people can get good results, the IPL hair removal treatment can be less effective. Also gray, colored and blond hair can avoid to reach good results.

Another factor to determine who is a good candidate for an IPL hair removal treatment is the thickness of the hair you want to remove. Thicker hair are easier to remove than thinner ones. Thin hair require multiple treatments and even with that results can be poor.

Women that want to submit to an IPL hair removal treatment must talk to their doctor before taking a decision if they are or could be pregnant or are breastfeeding. Also people taking medicines for acne could talk to a doctor before submitting to IPL laser hair removal.

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