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Get Laser Hair Removal Results At Home

Get Laser Hair Removal Results At Home

There is no shortage of hair removal methods that we have at our disposal when we go to the local pharmacy. Most methods that you can buy over the counter are just temporary fixes that will have you coming back in a few weeks or a month to buy some more. One of the most popular semi-permanent hair removal systems has only recently become available to use at home. That hair removing treatment is the laser hair removal system.

In 2008 the FDA finally approved the very first at home laser hair removal system. Since then a few more have come on the scene. All the products basically do the same job as their cousins in the bigger doctor’s offices or med spas. They all work by having a light zap the hair follicle causing enough damage to make the hair fall out and even preventing future hair from growing in that area.

The at home laser treatments have the same restrictions and warnings as well. The treatment works best on people with light skin and dark hair; although people with dark skin or light hair can still use the product they will just not be as effective. The laser is dangerous to the eyes so taking precautions such as wearing shades or tanning booth goggles will help prevent damage.

One of the best reasons to have the at home kit rather than just going to the doctor is that the kit costs about as much as one treatment session. The at home version will have similar results and only cost you a fraction of what it would cost at the spa. That could equal about a thousand dollars. Besides saving money with the at home version you also save time that you would have otherwise lost waiting in a doctor’s office and having to take off from work.

It is no secret that people want smooth skin. We also hate those wild, unruly hairs that sprout up in the oddest places. Thankfully now with the advancements in hair removal we can enjoy the laser hair removal results in the comfort of our own home at a fraction of the laser hair removal prices at the laser centers.

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