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Facial Hair and Laser Removal

Facial Hair and Laser Removal

Women plagued with unsightly facial hair now have an option that will allow that to stop constantly hiding and treating their facial hair and leave them with smooth hairless skin. In the past women have used bleach, they’ve waxed, tweezed, and shaved off these facial hairs. All of these methods results in skin irritation which causes further hiding from the world. Repeating these method can eventually lead to permanent scarring. Now women have the option of facial hair laser removal.

Men are also now realizing the benefits of laser hair removal treatments for themselves. Shaving every morning can get tedious at best but using laser removal you will still portray that clean cut professional appearance without the daily ritual. Related benefits include the end to razor bumps and cuts that all men experience.

The newest equipment is able to treat areas without growing out the hairs as in the past. The hair is removed below and above the surface so the shadow of a beard is also gone.

Before you consider pursuing treatment, you should talk to your health care professional to ask his opinion on whether he thinks you are a good candidate for laser hair removal. He should also be able to give a personal recommendation to help your search of a reputable facility.

The average time for a session is 20 minutes and you may resume normal activity immediately. The best candidates are clients with dark hair. Blondes and gray hair are the most difficult to treat. Skin tone is not a factor with the newest lasers. Medical spas with the latest technology should have one laser – the Yag – to target people with darker skin tone and a second laser that is designed specifically to work on lighter skinned people.

Laser hair removal is classified as a medical procedure and should be administered by a trained professional.

Laser hair removal is never guaranteed to be permanent and you should be aware of the realistic statistics. Treatments of the face usually require maintenance for complete removal. A realistic expectation is a 50-70 % reduction of facial hair after three sessions. Healing time between sessions is 6 weeks so as not to irritate the skin.

Prices vary depending on many factors. It is dependent on the area you live in and possibly the number of medical spas offering the service. The more competition, the better the pricing.

An overall average across the country for facial laser removal is between $150 and $350 per session. Your first appointment often includes an evaluation and price for your individual situation.

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